Being Human Church – Focus

Every organization must have a focus and Being Human Church (BHC) is no exception. We can’t focus on everything; we can’t even be aware of everything.

So there is a list of stuff we are unaware of (unknown length), a list of stuff we are aware of (pretty long), and a list of stuff we’re focused on (very short). Over time we expect to move items from the “unaware” list to the “aware” list, but we expect the “focus” list to stay the same.

BHC is focused on the common core of Humanity which creates meaning and increases that meaning by connecting to other members of Humanity. This core is what distinguishes members of Humanity from everything else. Check out the Belief Stack for an explanation of “meaning” in this context.

We are aware of many characteristics which describe the world generally and members of Humanity specifically. We focus on meaning creation because this defines members of Humanity. We will address other characteristics as appropriate, but they are not our focus.

BHC is aware of sex, race, IQ, wealth, sexual orientation, nationality, political affiliation, allergies, number of legs, etc. However, focusing on one or more of these characteristics is not our priority.

Our focus is the creation and sharing of meaning among members of Humanity. We explain this perspective, nurture individuals, and host connections. Every meaningful action we take now contributes to infinite meaning in the future.

All meaning-creating beings are members of Humanity and of BHC, even if they don’t know it nor act on it. No member of Humanity can be excluded from BHC for any reason. Various people, places, and things will be excluded from various activities for pragmatic reasons. Every attempt will be made to include as many members of Humanity as fully as possible.

BHC will comply with natural laws, human laws, and local customs, in such a way as to maximize our focus on meaning creation & sharing to advance Humanity.