Does the Being Human Church Philosophy Constitute a Religion?

So, does the Being Human Church philosophy constitute a religion?

No – if by religion you mean something that starts with the supernatural and a perfect being(s) then explains how you, the flawed mortal, got to this point.

If instead you define religion as a philosophy that helps you understand your place in the universe and the value of your life – Yes!

The BHC belief structure is rooted in Humanism. We take it as axiomatic that we can only be certain of one thing: I think therefore I am. Everything else is less certain. An important part of starting from this concept is that everything else, all the uncertain stuff, has to be processed through the perspective of I Am

So considering anything else, including God, is done by an observer via its own perspective. We can observe a third party consider something other than itself, but we cannot step outside ourselves. God, the universe, and everything, is less certain than our own awareness.

We build up and out, starting with an individual. Religion typically does the opposite. Religious beliefs structures usually start with perfection, then build down and in, towards the individual. The way we see it, that “start with perfection” process is actually impossible and starts with the individual doing the work whether or not it’s acknowledged. There just isn’t another way to build a belief structure. It’s a scaffold, not a sky-hook.

The rest of BHC’s belief structure builds off of this point. It ends up looking remarkably similar to what most people think of when they think of religion. 

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